A Fantastic Weekend Calls...In Niagara Falls! 

Enter today.

Step 1

Enter your cat(s) online through TICA's Online Entry System (TOES): https://www.tica.org/component/toes/shows#show1463

**For detailed instructions on how to Enter a show on TICA.org (TOES), please click here to open our FAQ. ***

You can also complete TICA's Official Entry Form and email/snail mail to: Tania Antenucci, 34 Laddie Lane, Minesing, Ontario, Canada, L9X 0C3; info@clawsomecats.net


Step 2

Complete and Submit the Summary Form

Step 3

Make payment within 48 hours of entering the show (all payments in USD, please). Payments can be made via:

1.  Paypal. Email address to send payment: drugdoc76@gmail.com  Please include a note with your name and entry upon sending payment. Please pay any related Paypal fees (send to "friends and family").

2. Snail Mail. Send a cheque in USD, payable to "Clawsome Cats" to:

Tania Antenucci

34 Laddie Lane

Minesing, Ontario, Canada L9X 0C3

*PLEASE NOTE*: Any entry monies owed to Clawsome Cats at time of check-in must be paid in cash or money order. No cheques will be accepted at check-in.

Need More Help? 

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