Step 1

Don't Miss Out. Enter Now.

Closing Date: July 30th, 2018. 11:59 p.m. EST or when full.

Enter your cat(s) online through TICA's Online Entry System (TOES): New to TOES? Please check out this video for guidance on how to register on TOES and enter your cats:

You can also complete TICA's Official Entry Form and email/snail mail to: Tania Antenucci, 34 Laddie Lane, Minesing, Ontario, Canada, L9X 0C3;

Step 2

Complete and Submit the Summary Form

Step 3

Make payment within 48 hours of entering the show. Payments can be made via:

1.                    .  Email address to send payment: ​  Please include a note with your name and entry upon sending payment. Please pay any related Paypal fees (send to "friends and family") and send payment in the currency of your residence.

2. Snail Mail. Send a cheque, payable to "Clawsome Cats" to:

Tania Antenucci

34 Laddie Lane

Minesing, Ontario, Canada L9X 0C3

*PLEASE NOTE*: Any entry monies owed to Clawsome Cats at time of check-in must be paid in cash or money order. No checks will be accepted at check-in.