How to Enter - Seekonk, MA

Step 1

Enter your cat(s) online through TICA's Online Entry System (TOES):

New to TOES?

Please check out this video for guidance on how to register on TOES and enter your cats:

Step 2

Make payment within 48 hours of entering the show. Payments can be made via:

1.  Paypal. Email address to send payment:  Please include a note with your name and entry upon sending payment. Please pay any related Paypal fees (send to "friends and family"). All fees in USD, please.

2. Snail Mail. Send a cheque, payable to "Christian Cherau/Clawsome Cats" to:

Christian Cherau

515 Putnam Ave #1,

Cambridge, MA, 02139

*PLEASE NOTE*: Any entry monies owed to Clawsome Cats at time of check-in must be paid in cash or money order. No checks will be accepted at check-in.